Welcome to Your Passion
Home Health Care Services LLC

Helping Your Senior Loved Ones Live Comfortably

Welcome to Your Passion
Home Health Care Services LLC

Helping Your Senior Loved Ones Live Comfortably

Passion Health Care Services:
Bringing Health Care to Your Doorstep!

About Us

Passion Home Health Care is a home health care agency in Upper Darby, Philadelphia. We are licensed to provide home care services in Philadelphia County, Delaware County, Montgomery County, Chester County, and Bucks County. As a home health aide agency in Philadelphia, we know how important it is to receive adequate care for you or your loved ones. We understand how hard receiving home care can become when there is a lack of a home health care catering to all your needs at once! We pay attention when you voice out your concerns, and therefore we bring you top-notch home care services in Philadelphia, including Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, and Delaware Counties! Whether you need constant assistance because of a disease or want a temporary assistant, Home Care Associates Philadelphia will take care of you in your hour of need!

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Services We Provide

Passion Home Health Care Philadelphia home health care services, and its surrounding areas such as Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, and Delaware counties. We have trained our home health agency Philadelphia staff with the skills needed to provide the best care for you and your loved ones if they are in distress! We have a reputation for being one of the best and most likely the most professional home care associates – we established our success by putting you, our patients, first! At Passion Home Health Care Philadelphia, we have a range of home health services that you can choose from: whether you need us to take over elderly health care or you want personal care – our home health agency in Philadelphia has your back!


Care For The Elderly

Our Philadelphia home care services provide care assistance to aged people to make sure your elders are looked after. We tend to those who have lost the ability to tend to themselves over the years due to age, illnesses, or any accidents. Our professionals from home the health aide agency in Philadelphia make sure the elders in your home are perfectly taken care of.



If you have been in an accident, have been affected by a disease or old age, and are unable to bathe yourself, our home health care associates are going to be there for you. In a wide range of Passionate Home Health Care Services, we also provide bathing as an option.


At Passion Home Health Care, we provide grooming services for those who need them. Our home health care associates will help you get dressed, do your hair, and help you look your best for the day ahead of you! Our home health care agency in Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, and Delaware Counties makes sure you get the best services at your convenience!

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Meal Preparation

We understand how important dietary restrictions can be for the elderly and for someone with an illness. Each patient has a unique set of requirements that need to be met in order for their meals to have the most impact on their health. Our Philadelphia home care program offers to help you create, implement, and maintain a nutritious diet plan according to your needs and requirements!


Need someone to take care of your medications, and give you reminders to keep you on track with your consultant’s prescriptions? We have got just the solution for you! We have trained professionals for our home health aide in Philadelphia, to make sure you follow your regimen.

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If you’re unable to travel on your own, whether it is for a doctor’s appointment or personal errands, there’s no need to worry anymore! With our home health agency in Philadelphia, and a large team of professional caregivers, we are ready to take you where you need to be – in the utmost comfort!

Transition Care

Passion Home Health Care agency offers multiple transition care plans for you and your loved ones to be able to transition smoothly from the hospital into your own homes – whether you need transport back home or someone to assist you with the chores once you’ve reached home, Passion Home Health Care services in Philadelphia got you covered.

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Private Duty/Live-In

If you’re home alone, and need someone to help around the clock, our home care services are the answer to all your worries! We offer four different kinds of private duties, designed according to your preferences!

At Passion Home Health Care Services, We Deliver More Than Just Health Care!


“I was extremely skeptical about letting a stranger into our house, and letting them live with my elderly mother while I went to a conference abroad. Not only was I worried about safety, but I was also extremely concerned about her meals, her medicines, and her doctor appointments. It was at a friend’s constant recommendation that I opted for Passion Home Health care services. Not only were they extremely reliable, but they also took care of my mother’s meals and medicines, and took her to her doctor’s appointments.”

“We opted for live-in services for our grandparents while we were out of town. We needed somebody to keep a check on them and make sure their daily schedule isn’t disturbed by our absence. Needless to say, we were satisfied with the highly professional staff that was sent our way. Now, we know where to go the next time we’re traveling.”

“Thank you, Passion Home Health Care Services for looking out for my father; with you I have never experienced untimely cancellations or unreliable caregivers. Your associates have been nothing less than passionate, supportive, and helpful!”

“If you’re in a fix with your day-to-day lives after an incident that has left you unable to carry out everyday chores yourself, Passion Home Health Care Services is the solution. Their caregivers are respectful, cooperative, and absolutely professional! I would highly recommend it”

“I needed someone to help my grandmother with her daily errands and someone to drive her to the doctor’s once I was relocated for work reasons; all my worries were subsided once Passion Home Health Care services took over! Not only was I able to avail their transport services, but also their service for food preparation which really put me at ease. Thank you, Passion Home Health Care Services, for your quality services.”