Private Home Health Care Services

If you’ve got a loved one that needs constant care and attention, we understand how difficult it can become to take care of an elder who is extremely dependent on another’s help. Keeping in mind the crazy work hours and how demanding jobs are in this era, we all need a little bit of help, don’t we? If you’re someone who has a loved one who needs attention and care while you attend work, or if you’re someone who lives far away from your loved ones and is worried about who will take care of them – you need not worry any longer! Passion Home Health Care offers private home care for seniors to make your worries go away!

We understand that moving around the house and taking care of one’s own self can become difficult with increasing age, as people in the latter part of their lives can suffer from physical or cognitive health issues that could make them depend on someone for constant care. Our teams of professional caretakers provide efficient private home care for the elderly.

Most of our clients have raised concerns that, in such cases, they will have to send off their loved ones, their parents, and their grandparents to old care or retirement houses. If you’re one of the people who are facing this difficulty, worry no more – we are offering a private elderly home care service to give your loved ones the care that they deserve. You can go to work or wherever you have to be, and we will take care of everything in your absence! Our private care for the elderly at-home services have a variety of packages to offer. You can either choose from the ones we offer or talk to one of our consultants to create one of your own according to your own preferences and requirements.

We promise you some of the best and most extremely professional caretakers that will provide you with the most efficient private elderly home care. Depending on your plan and how you choose to schedule the private help – we will assign you an experienced caretaker who will be available for a 24-hour live-in service for your loved ones. We have had a multitude of clients who have opted for 5 days a week, while others have opted for 6 days. We believe that along will medical and grooming care, it is very important for the elderly to have companions that can keep them company around the clock so that they do not fall into a loop of loneliness and the feeling of isolation.

Our professionals offer not just caretaking abilities but also keep the patients involved and motivated; our private home care for the elderly program is widely popular for the commitment and dedication our professionals have towards our clients!

Our private elderly home care offers both companionship and caretaking programs. Passion Home Health Care makes live-in and private duties possible and affordable for everyone who needs it! They follow a simple payment plan where you’re required to make a deposit two weeks before availing of the service; apart from that, our private home care for seniors will bill the client on a weekly basis until the plan has ended. Some of the deposit or payment plans include:

  • Clients can use the option for private pay
  • cash deposits
  • Prepaid cheques
  • Electronic payments
  • Wire transfers

We offer four different types of packages for our clients availing the private care for the elderly at home; in order to inquire more about these packages to decipher which one suits you best, contact our helpline at any given time and let us help you take care of your loved ones – for us, this is a lot more than just caretaking services!